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Turkey burgers worth repeating

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Turkey burgers get a thumbs up, finally

Ground turkey is slowing gaining respect in my household.

Instead of a guaranteed groan from the guys — all three of them — they’ve become more open-minded when they hear turkey burgers are on the menu.  It took some digging, but I’ve stashed away a few recipes with enough flare to make budget-friendly and bland ground turkey a regular on our weeknight menus.

On Thursday I gave the guys a choice — turkey burgers with zesty Mexican seasonings or curried turkey burgers.  They chose the latter; I was glad.  I had picked up a package of whole wheat Mediterranean flat breads from Trader Joe’s that would be just right with the curried recipe.  Also scored dried cherries and organic chickpeas for a salad featured in this month’s issue of Real Simple.

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Mesclun salad with chickpeas and cherries took t-burgers to new heights

Back to the turkey, it takes a lot of seasoning to make the bird palatable in this form.  In the case of Curried Turkey Burgers, it’s a combination of curry powder, chutney, green onions and mint that gives the burgers a kick, plus a yogurt-based topping. Together with the mesclun salad with dried cherries and chickpeas, the burgers seemed more special than usual.  The boys inhaled the burgers but the salad was snubbed this time around. I understand. I didn’t like chickpeas as a kid either.

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