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Week’s-end Reflection: “Trade ya!”

My mixed-up week ended with me sitting in a casino in Reno, watching a 10 y.o. boy dig into lobster tail while I furtively munched on a hot dog. Whaat?

I was in Reno for a conference which happened to be held in a hotel that is the nexus of three casinos. I had a few hours to killĀ  so I made my way through the swarms of weekend gamblers in search of a snack. I was hungry; the 3/8 oz of pretzels on the airplane didn’t count as lunch.

I was stunned by the flare of flashing lights and electronic melody droning in an endless cycle. I honestly had forgotten that this side of life existed in America. A hot dog and a beer seemed to fit the tempo of the place … that is, until I saw junior and his dad parade by with lobster tails perched on their plastic dining trays.

All I could think was, “Trade Ya!”

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