About Us

You Ate That??? started as the valiant endeavor of four women to maintain a food journal. After two years of exercising together, we decided we needed to do more to nudge the needle down a few marks on the scale. We would keep a food journal and report out progress each week.

Well, it turns out no one really enjoys confessing to what they’ve eaten or not.  It’s so much more interesting to think about FOOD and RESTAURANTS and RECIPES.  At least that’s the mindset of Trixie, the originator of this blog. An entrepreneur and mother of two (with lots of writing and cooking in her background), Trixie decided to convert the site* to serve her own purposes:

— keep a record of meals planned for her household of one husband with a big appreciation for her cooking and two sons, ages 12 and 14, who usually eat when they’re told to. The goal? Keep notes of every dinner eaten at home for one year.

— track ideas for new restaurants and recipes to explore.

— have fun writing about something she loves.

Bon Appetit!

*Trixie’s exercise buddies Kitty, Bitsy and Ariel have approved of the “blog-jacking.” Is that a word?

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