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“So, what’s for dinner?”

It wasn’t my husband asking; this time it was the clerk at the QFC market. “This all looks so healthy!” she said as she checked out the zucchini, scanned the boxes of mesclun and arugula. “Uh, well, I’m thinking about a salad,” I said, remembering a page of salad recipes I clipped from Real Simple.

Truth was, a salad probably wasn’t going to happen.  It was nearly 5:30. I had to retrieve the boys from a nearby video game store, drive home, unload groceries and slam together dinner within the next hour before the evening Scout meeting. I was counting on a quick fish taco recipe with a tomato avocado salsa to count for veggies.  By the time I arrived home I realized this would be one of those nights when mixes come in handy. I searched through the basket in the bottom of my pantry and lucked out with the Fish Taco mix from Simply Organic.

The mix ended up pulling double duty.  I blended the mix with oil (not water as directed) and used half to marinate the cod for tacos.  The other half was blended with a can of black beans, cup of corn, diced avocados and tomatoes. With the addition of lime juice and cilantro, the salad seemed far fancier than it was. The cod pieces were seared quickly in a cast iron skillet and held in the oven while I assembled the taco fixings: warm flour tortillas; sliced avocado; chopped lettuce and lime wedges. “Beautiful!” my husband said. Yes, he really said that. And the boys ate seconds (maybe thirds).

Not bad for a last-minute mix job!


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