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Mixed-up week

This week was mixed up in more ways than one.  We started out with a vegetarian meal on Sunday (fresh pasta with tomatoes, herbs and mozzarella balls) instead of on “Meatless Monday.”  Themes on the meal plan went out the window as the week  progressed. Then we ended up on Friday with a twisted memory.

youatethat photo

Honest brussels sprouts

Even though we already had brussels sprouts (frozen) at Tuesday’s meal, I couldn’t resist adding them to the menu again when I spotted a big bin of the stalks at Trader Joe’s. Since I’m out of town on business for a few days I had to prep them on Fun Friday (so named because I don’t usually cook).

Back to the story: I was standing at the sink, debudding a big stalk of brussels sprouts. “This always reminds me of the time I sneaked into a field in California and stole a stalk of brussels sprouts for dinner,” I said, with vivid recall of the sense of espionage and a belated twinge of guilt.

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” my husband says, “but I don’t remember many of the details.”

“That’s because you weren’t there.”

Ah,the backlash of telling stories of adventures with “previous associates.”


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