Freezer to the rescue on a Frantic Friday

Friday night dinners are typically challenging. At that point I’ve run out of steam and lack the energy to even glance at the meal plan much less follow it. Last week ended with a bit more drama than usual.

Pinned to my computer all Friday, I was in no mood to enter the kitchen. But my son was having a friend over for dinner, and yes, I must feed the children. Hamburgers, that’s the ticket. So I headed to the market, but not before making a quick stop by the library just minutes before it closed. Photocopies made. Books checked out.  Off I went to the PCC for natural ground beef (the only place I buy beef since the Mad Cow scare years ago).  I decided to pick up a few more groceries while there and opened a bag of rice chips to sate my hunger while shopping.

Then I realized my wallet was missing. And I knew exactly where it was: Sitting next to the photocopier, locked in the library.

I sheepishly explained the situation to the PCC clerk, asking if I could pick up the goods the next day and by the way, I opened the rice chips. “Take ’em, don’t worry about it, you need a snack!” she said cheerfully.

I mulled my options on the way home.  It was 6:30 p.m. and I’d be walking into a house with three hungry boys and a husband to boot.  The freezer in the garage is a true gamble.  It’s stocked with pizzas and other kid food or packages of meat and veggies that require forethought. But I found a package of salmon burgers and even a package of buns. With exactly five of each. Yippee! Added french fries and a green salad and we were set to go 20 minutes later.  Whew!

And yes, my wallet was waiting for me the next day at the library 🙂

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  1. that was like a good suspense story! boy, makes me appreciate my freezer.

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