Peppers Nicoise – old recipe, young fan

“Mom, I need this recipe!” Son #1 was snacking on the remains of a topping for Friday night’s dinner. Earlier he turned up his nose at the Swordfish Nicoise but admitted the fragrant topping of red peppers, onions, olives and citrus zest was tasty. Now he couldn’t get enough of the peppers, separated from the fish.

He agreed Peppers Nicoise should go on his Ten Recipes to Know list.”I’ll eat that on anything.” I agreed to put the recipe on the blog* because I couldn’t find it on the web — it appeared in Parade magazine in 1991. “Wow, you’re going to put something on your blog that isn’t on the internet?” my son asked.  Well, it is sometimes hard to imagine how we thrived before the Internet. And it’s hard to believe I forgot about Swordfish Nicoise, stuck in the pages of a grilling cookbook rarely used.

Finding this delicious and hard-to-find recipe from nearly 20 years ago was a nice surprise at the end of a tough week of work. Friday night’s dinner earns its place among my favorites:

Swordfish Nicoise*

Polenta with Parmesan cheese (the easy way in the microwave, thanks to a recipe from my friend Judi)

Spinach salad with mustard vinaigrette

*See Recipes page

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