Shrimp quesadillas, a kid favorite

On night two of the “while dad’s away” meal plan, I got a thumbs-up from Erik. “I love these things,” he explained as he asked for his third helping of shrimp quesadillas. I do too. They’re easy, tasty and one of the best ways to use those tiny pink shrimp we often see in the seafood cases here in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon shrimpmeat looks like  cocktail shrimp. Elsewhere in the country I’ve tasted tiny pink shrimp scattered on top of a salad or blended into a stuffing for fish with no cause for celebration. But here in the Northwest, our tiny shrimp seem sweeter. Perhaps it’s because they’re fresh, harvested wild just off the coast. In any case, they deserve more attention.  My favorite fixings are to feature the shrimp in a delectable tomato-based topping for a favorite snapper recipe (I see this appearing on a meal plan soon), scramble them into eggs or fold them into fried rice.  And then there’s quesadillas.

Tonight’s dinner was super simple: flour tortillas stuffed with shredded cheddar cheese, shrimpmeat and sliced red bell pepper.  Served with salsa, avocado slices, sliced black olives and a dish of steamed corn. Ahhhhh.


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