Cabbage salad for dinner? Yes!

Over the past week I’ve been listening to the recording of A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg in my car. I often stall when I reach my destination, hoping to glean a few more glorious details of whatever amazing food she’s regaling in her life story. That tardiness, in addition to my stomach grumbling wherever I arrive, indicate A Homemade Life is not the best audiobook for listening while driving. Except for this afternoon.

I was preparing to make a quick stop at the grocery store with my sons. With my husband out of town for most of this week, I told the boys they could drive the meal plan.  Their requests were predictable: spaghetti with meatballs, mac and cheese, pizza.  But son #1 (the custard maker from our day of cream puffs) was enamored as I with A Homemade Life.  So it was his suggestion that we try the red cabbage salad with lemon and Parmesan that Molly’s beau whipped up one night.

I love red cabbage so it wasn’t a stretch to convince me to dive in.  But I was impressed my teen son wanted to give it a go. He polished off a bowl along with the leftover broccoli rabe pasta from Thursday.  I took a page from Molly and savored the salad as the main attraction with a wedge of cambozola cheese and water crackers. The salad is very simple: a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and pressed garlic over a mound of shredded red cabbage and grated parmesan cheese, topped with freshly ground pepper.  I found one mention of the recipe online at a website “where farm and family meet.” How ironic!


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